from "Motivation Series (1 of 5)," 1991, 22 x 32" each panel, 4-color ink jet prints.

A penniless young man joined a small circus company. Though short in experience, within a few years he had become one of the regularly performing clowns.  One morning, when the tent was going up, there was an accident with the drop hammer, and an elderly roustabout was injured.  Cradled in the young clown's arms, the man whispered the secret of some hidden bonds and certificates, and died.  Within weeks the clown was extravagantly rich.  Soon he negotiated a controling interest in the circus, billed himself as premiere clown, and reworked the big top show around his own routine.  In later years, however, he hung up his clown costume, and used his talents to transform the once tiny company into one of the country's largest and most profitable novelty concerns.