from "Survey of False Sites and Complexes (1 of 10)," 1982, 16 x 20", silver print with pencil.

This ceremonial altar/font, excavated in Complex F, was constructed over a natural spring, now dry.  Scarcity of water often provided a source of conflict among the various culture centers.  Evidence of an ornate plumbing system, complete with gold faucets, has been located within the ruined structures of Complex J, while it is believed that the Complex F inhabitants obtained their water solely from the altar/font, drinking directly with their lips.  In times of drought, the F people, jealous of their foes' plentiful water supply, would sieze a number of J capties in battle, and ceremoniously lead them to the altar.  There, the high priest, his hand on a hidden lever, would allow the spring water to rise to the top of the altar, and entreat the prisoner to drink, but as the victim repeatedly leaned down to quench his thirst, the gurgling liquid would abruptly disappear.