Becky is in Europe on a cruise around Italy with her roommate . . . She got herself a paid internship through a foundation for women and minorites in the entertainment business. She is going to work at NBC.com and it is supposed to be a hands-on learning internship so I hope it will be better than last year. Ruthie is going to take an animation class at SMC . . . She took AP studio art this year and the animation teacher walked in and said your characters need to come to life and she wanted Ruthie to take her class . . . however, it did not really fit in her schedule of required classes but now she is interested in animation. She can compose her own music too. It has been somewhat stressful working all of this out, but I think it is finally decided now. Ruthie also received a $1000 scholarship for a three-week painting intensive workshop for inner-city kids, but they came to Hami looking for diversity? Anyway, she cannot do it all and I think it is also more fine arts, which I do not think is her style (nor mine). SMC will give her college credit and raise her GPA. Two years down, two to go . . . And how are you?